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Night Nanny Services

Doula Services

AlloTribe’s overnight nanny care is provided by trained and/or certified postpartum doulas, we provide the highest quality of care in your home to care for your littles. Our expertise will give you peace of mind, a great night’s rest and the comfort of knowing that your babe is in amazing hands.

Night Nannies care for your baby in the night creating a safe environment for sleep.  We help support their nervous system, offer them the cuddles they need and help to start creating healthy routines to support sleeping through the night when they are developmentally ready.  We love to be with families when they come home and up to 6 months to provide sleep guidance and have your little one sleeping through the night.

Night Nanny Packages

Night Nanny Packages can be purchased in sets of hours. A minimum purchase is 10 hours at a rate of $350.00

Night Nanny Support requires a minimum of 10 hours per night and a maximum of 12 hours per night. 


> Newborn Care

> Feeding

> Changing Diapers

> Bottle sterilization

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