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Postpartum Doula Care

Doula Services

Postpartum care is not just about caring for your new baby. At AlloTribe, we view postpartum care as supporting the whole family as you grow together. Our team takes care of all the details around newborn care, sibling support, parent care, and sleep guidance when the time is right – all in the comfort of your home. 

Our postpartum packages are designed to remove the stress and uncertainty from this period. Our team is available to support you and your family with feeding support, whether it’s breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a combination of the two. We can help with everything from creating a routine, back-up support overnight, back to work prep, and problem solving for any feeding issues that may arise.

Overnight care is the bedrock of postpartum support. Our team provides the extra set of hands and expertise in the night that you and your baby need. Care specialists are there to help create a comfortable, safe sleep environment for both your family and your baby so everyone gets the rest they need.

AlloTribe also provides daytime postpartum care and support. While a good night’s rest is imperative, a respite during the day can also provide a much needed reprieve. 


Postpartum Care Packages

Postpartum care is separated into 2 categories – Overnight Family Support and Daytime Family Support. Packages are purchased in set of hours and can be used for overnight support, daytime support, or both. 

Packages start at 8 hours and pricing starts at $320.00.

Daytime support requires a miniumum of 4 hours per day and a maximum of 8 hours per day. 


> Maternal Care, Postnatal Care, Newborn Care

> Sibling Care and Support

> General Household Management and light housekeeping (sweeping, dishes, take out the trash)

> Grocery Shopping/Errand Running

> Meal Preparation

> Meal Planning

> Family Support Resources

> 4th Trimester Education

> Education in caring for the maternal postpartum body

Overnight support requires a minimum of 8 hours per night and a maximum of 10 hours per night. 


> Newborn Care

> Maternal Care

>Postpartum Education

> Breast Care

> Soothing and calming presence for the family

> Feeding

> Lactation support and education

> Sleep support and sleep guidance

> Baby and Mother related laundry

> Bottle Sterilization

> Light dishes

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