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Our Story

The AlloTribe Story

AlloTribe is a full spectrum agency supporting families from womb-to-two and beyond. We offer services ranging from family planning, getting ready for your baby, in home support and education once your baby has arrived, mother care, daddy care, to support for growing families.

We work with you and your family to create a customized plan and schedule to meet your needs at whatever stage you are in. Our team is comprised of birth doulas, postpartum doulas, night nannies, newborn care specialists, and other family care providers to meet all your needs. 

In addition to being a full spectrum agency, AlloTribe was also built to provide professional development, community, and support to the greater doula and birth community in Colorado. We have a professional network designed to work with providers supporting new families for networking, trusted referrals, and to provide continuity of care across the board. 

In 2019, AlloTribe launched The AlloTribe Training Academy and a 200 hour Certified Professional Doula training. 

Meet the Founders

Sarah Dominguez Murane

Sarah is a true veteran in the birth and postpartum industry with over 16 years of experience running her doula practice. Additionally, Sarah has helped develop and grow other agencies and doula practices in Denver area and has been a long time industry expert. She served on the executive board of the Colorado Doulas Association, helped build curriculum and education resources for many family support practices, and currently still teaches community classes at the Mama’hood, Denver’s only motherhood and new family center. Sarah maintains her own doula agency, Doula Sarah & Co. while building AlloTribe and growing the profession of doulas.

Sarah Lind

Sarah is the owner of Doulas in Denver, a premiere labor doula agency in Denver, and long-time doula herself. In addition to doula work, she has an extensive background in the health care and holistic care industry, and also brings her passion for education and teaching to the doula community. Sarah served on the executive board of the Colorado Doulas Association and spent time studying as a midwife. She and Sarah Dominguez Murane created AlloTribe to build community, bring continuity of care to families, and provide a full service agency to meet the needs of growing families.