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3 Items to Consider when Setting up your Nursery (if you want them to sleep well) by Sarah Branion

As a Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach, I see parents getting caught up in the fancy decorations and perfectly organized closets of a baby’s room and completely forget the main purpose of a baby’s nursery: to be a haven for sleep.

When it comes to sleep, safety is #1 over all considerations. Visit The American Academy of Pediatrics website for a complete list of recommendations.

When you consider the items for your baby’s room or nursery, keep sleep in mind.  My favorite 3 items to promote a great sleep environment are:

  1. Room darkening shades – the use of blackout curtains is essential to create that womblike experience for your newborn.  For babies and toddlers, darkness is super important for circadian rhythm to function properly – which is important for babies 3 months old and older.

2. Sound machine – speaking of womblike environments, the sound machine can be very soothing for newborns and adults alike.  It also helps block out the ambient noise of your house, dogs and siblings. Make sure you choose one with continuous sound and not one that auto shuts off after a time period.

3. Cozy recliner or glider – this item is for YOU.  You will be spending many hours feeding, rocking, and reading in a chair in your baby’s room, so pick out something comfortable.  When you begin guiding your child to sleep through the night, you will want to keep your child in their sleep space all night, so having a place to soothe them will be clutch.

With these three items, you’ll be well on your way to a room that supports your child’s sleep habits.  Also, when you’re ready, I’m always available to help you support your child to sleep through the night with my program The 5 Simple Steps to Predictable Sleep.

Sarah Branion
CLD, CPD, Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach
Through the Night Method