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by JD Lind

The Placenta is a powerful organ that is essential in providing nutrients to the growing baby. The placenta allow helps regulate hormones through pregnancy and filter toxins from baby. When baby is born the placenta is no longer the nutrient or oxygen support to baby. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t still full of nutrients and hormones that can help immensely in postpartum support. The Pregnancy period is a long process that takes a lot of work for the body to allow mom and baby to thrive and the placenta is a huge supporting factor in this. So when the pregnancy is over and the baby is here we can encapsulate the placenta or consume it after a sanitation process. The idea of this is often cringed upon and viewed as gross. And growing up in western culture I can understand this thought process a little bit. But I understand the value and power of the human body and our need for nutrient dense food. So this is where placenta encapsulation and the western med mindset can mesh.

I pose a question… Why Not? Seriously, it is a very simple process to ask the Nurse /Doctor to keep the placenta post birth. Then you have a placenta encapsulator come over to process the placenta for 1 – 2 hr. then 16-24 hrs. later the encapsulator comes back and encapsulates the placenta. Then you take capsules just the same as other vitamins you are taking, and you are none the wiser to the process and you are getting all of these amazing nutrients and supplementing your hormones in the process.  The Placenta in a vital organ in the pregnancy process and needs to be viewed as such in the postpartum process. I encourage all to learn more and reach out and to push social thoughts and think for yourself in this process and try to see the value of such an incredible organ that you have made and has supported you and your incredible baby.

Nutrients include but not limited to Fiber, Sodium, Iron, Magnesium Protein, Potassium, etc.

Hormones include estradiol, Progesterone, testosterone, and growth hormones.